Define my Project – Sign Up Successful

Thank you for signing up for this workshop.

The next step is to have a brief 15-minute conversation with me, Chris Pinter, your facilitator. This will be scheduled via zoom. You should see a welcome email in your email within the next day or so.

I will be contacting you via email to give you further information about the course and the material available.

The first week of this workshop is dedicated to understanding your customer and gathering details essential to understanding your customer’s needs. These needs will be used to create a project and form the starting point of a product or solution requirements description. There are three 1 hour touchpoints during this week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday via zoom. The actual dates and times will be provided prior to the first Monday.

The second week is about organizing your project need, defining the solution and creating a plan and requirements document ready to be given to a development team for evaluation. There are three 6-8 hour sessions at a location in the selected site. Covid-19 restrictions might require these sessions to be done via Zoom.

The event concludes when, at the end of the second week, you have a project defined in the form of a project plan and/or requirements document. I will review these artifacts and provide you feedback about feasibility, cost and complexity.

I look forward to speaking and meeting you,

Chris Pinter



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